Sunday, June 24, 2012

Smallwood Loop and Sproule Creek

Great run today with Lisa and Carolyn (Lex- when are back in the picture? We miss you out there!) Its funny that on the only two runs of the year without a dog with us we run into bears!
Lisa and I started at Sproule Creek and ran the 10km over to Smallwood where we met up with Carolyn to run the 25km loop. It is such a fun running loop. The weather somehow held on, even though we had constant thunder and it was as dark as night. It's hard to believe that the snow has just barely melted off the upper Vallhalaluyah trail with lots of snow patches here and there, but good to go. After we finished the 25km Smallwood loop, the girls headed out as they have another run planned for Sunday and I ran back to my car at the Sproule Creek trail head. It was a an awesome 45km run with 4,500' of climbing, so not too crazy. It took around 5:50hrs for the return trip.
If anyone wants to run the 25km Smallwood loop this week, let me know as I'd love to go do it again.
It was great to rush home and watch Ellie Greenwood smash the 18 year old record of the Western States 100 mile run for the victory! Makes these runs look like a jog around the block.

                           Sitting in the river in the rain to cool off the legs- ohh the snow melt creek is cold!

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