Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The Vein Is Good To Go

I truly love this time of the year for running. The temperature is a perfect 12-16 degrees in the morning, everything is so intensely lush and you can be out on the trails as early as 5am- just you, your buddies, the dogs and whatever wild life you happen across. And raining out- who cares- makes trail running that much more fun. I just love falling asleep as it gets dark at 9:30 knowing I'll be up in 7 hours getting ready for a midweek run.
We headed out at 6am from Mt. Station where we climbed up "Honey Badger Don't Give no Shit" (I think the trail is actually called Badger?) but anything with Badger in it makes me think of the Honey Badger...See this link why  
Up Shasta, then up to the Vein (still a little blow down) and then the 2,400' leg busting descent to the Rail Grade and back to Mt. Station.
Took us 1:55 to do the loop, a little hard paced, but it's kind of what we were looking to do.

                                                 Is Chris Rowat really now a trail runner?...Ran like one!
                                                           Lex, Chris and the dogs on the main descent

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