Monday, November 28, 2011

When running becomes a hastle- try ski touring

As much as I miss running, there comes a time of the year in the Kootenays, where it is just not meant to be- yet the mountains are still beckoning my call. So with the trails covered over in their deep sleep for the winter, I suppose we should take that as a hint to go enjoy other gifts we're given. Anyways, if you want to work those quads over the winter with minimal strain on the knees and other joints, then a good day of ski touring is the perfect activity.
Of course some Nordic skate skiing thrown into the mix too, provides a great break on my body before another season of trail running starts. That said; the 2012 season is around the corner with lots of fun adventures to be had starting with a 50km trail race in Nicaragua in February up some volcano on a small island on Lake Nicaragua.
I suppose I better start some long logging road runs again in January?....
Of course I will be going back to the Earl Grey Pass again this summer with some unfinished business as well as the Rockwall trail and maybe even a spring R2R2R run across the Grand Canyon and back, but that might be a little much too early in the season. I also hope I can inspire more local folks to come out and enjoy some of these adventures- you'd be surprised what you can accomplish! If any runs interest you, please let me know.
Hmmmm.....nice for November!

This couloir is looking filled in and yummy!