Thursday, June 28, 2012

Alpine Adventures

Yes we are all dreaming about those alpine running adventures by now. The photo above was taken in my "past life" where I lived to ride. It was an incredible 60km loop only 2 hours from Nelson that nobody knows about. It's a fully committed loop, which I figure would take 12 hours to run. It has everything from a meandering gentle climb up an old growth forest for 20km, followed by a 10km switchback climb to the alpine, then an amazing alpine section around the 7,000' elevation and finally a switch back descent to the valley floor. It can be run in either direction, which tells you the grades are never that extreme, except for a few short sections. Its definitely a Kootenay classic and I hope to run it this year, but with so many runs on the bucket list, it might have to wait until next year. This actually seams to be coming a problem- as soon as I cross one epic run off, another two make it to the list! I know I have to go back to the Earl Grey Pass this year for some sort of resolution or redemption depending on how you look at it. I would also love to put a group together for the Rockwall trail in Kootenay National Park, but I'll wait to see how the summer progresses, especially with the big snow pack again this year.
The July 28th weekend (On the Saturday), I hope to get a group together to run through Kokanee Glacier Park. Half of us will run from Enterprise Creek on the Slocan Lake side to Gibson Lake and the other half will do the reverse so we do not have to waste time with car drops. The next day on the Sunday, we will run the 7summits trail in Rossland for a "double dose" of long awaited alpine adventures.
If you are interested in the Kokanee run, send me an e-mail so I can start figuring things out.


efty said...


I fell upon your blog while googling "Nelson" and "Trail running". I am new to Nelson and was actually planning on doing the 7 Summits on my own this weekend, but would much rather do it with friends :) How do I get in touch with you?


Randy, Liz and Bill said...

Hey Fran- sorry I didn't get back...did you run 7summits? I was there last weekend.
There is a run in Kokanee this weekend if interested contact me at