Monday, July 4, 2011

Wildhorse Pass

Running from Nelson to Ymir via the Wildhorse Pass is a relatively gentle 35km run and a wonderful route to give yourself some confidence for off road running. It's less than 3000' of elevation gain/loss along the way- so gentle on the legs too.
We ran parts of the Stanley Loop out to the HWY then cut through the Nordic ski trails to get to the Clearwater parking area. It's amazing how fast the grass grows in this area that we Cross Country skied on only 2 1/2 months ago

From the Clearwater parking lot it is approximately a 12km climb up to the pass- which is just below the snow line in the photo below

We crossed at least 6 icy cold creeks, which I thoroughly enjoyed, as my legs always seamed to respond with renewed vigor.

Below is the turn off at the top of the Pass- not well marked- but just as you start to descend from the saddle into the Wildhorse Valley

Lex and Liz not as used to the "Cold Water Shock Therapy"...don't worry- it will grow on you!

The trail is logging road to the pass and a nice ATV trail on the way down- all at a nice grade

A great 4 hour run to Ymir. You can even finish it off at the Ymir pub for burgers and beer...

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