Sunday, October 17, 2010

Thanks to our sponsors, Spearhead Timberworks, Snowpack Outdoor Experiences, Gerick Cycle and Sports and Whitewater Ski Hill. If you have a race that you want to publicize or want to be included on our e-mail list send us an E-mail. In a week or two some of us plan on running in the Smallwood Creek area so stay tuned for a date and time

Finally thanks to my partner in crime Randy Richmond............

Strong right to the finish!

Leonard left it all on the run course

Post race cool down with some Virginia's cooking
One of LV Rogers XC team
Congratulations to everyone who articipated in this yars Svoboda Trail Run. It was an awesome day with stellar perfomances from everyone.

Shawn DeGroot 1:03.40
Mathieu Page 1:05.04
Bowen Wang 1:05.50 Ran 8km’s
Mark Klan 1:10.41
Jamie 1:14.52
Guy Lupien 1:16.45
Lex Baas 1:16.55
Gregory Smith 1:18.14
Grant Nichol 1:22.30
Scott Spencer 1:22.36
Luca Sattler 1:24.14
Kiraya Spencer 1:25.58
Leonard Batubara 1:30.52 Fastest Indonesian finisher ever ( National record for this race)
Danica Long 1:32.48
Tyler Exner 1:33.31
Nico Boelter 1:35.39
Oskar Wuestinger 1:36.30
Kari Kroker 1:42.15
Nicholas Albright 1:42.15
BarryLipscombe 1:48.07
Young Jin Yu 2:06.48 Took the longgggggggggg way

Monday, September 13, 2010

Svaboda Trail Run

A terrific run in and around the West Arm Provincial Park. Similar route as last year with a bit of extra length added. 13.5 km's with 2000' of elevation gain on trails, fire roads and double track.
Sunday October 17th at the Svaboda Parking lot. All proceeds to local xc trail builders and Habitat for Humanity.
I ran the course on then weekend with my GPS. See the link below for the course on Garmin-Connect.

Kokanee Glacier Mountain Run Results

Terrific results from everyone. It was a hard day in the cool rainy weather. Congratulations to everyone and a big thank you to our sponsors SnowPack Outdoor Experiences, Gericks Cycle and Sport and Spearhead Timberworks. Next race is the Svaboda Road Trail Run on October 17.

Our friends in Kaslo also have some trail races coming up on October 3 See for more information.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Kokanee Glacier Mountain Run Info Update

Hey All Keen Runners for this Sundays race...Just a reminder that if you want to car pool up to the start at Gibson Lake, please meet by 8:25am at the parking area at the bottom of the gravel Road just off the HWY.

I'm sure that I am not the only one to see this Sunday's forecast as rain and cool, so now that I have given up the thought of it being sunny and hot, I am actually excited for a little might not see mountain peaks, but there will be no shortage of beautiful lakes, meandering streams and wildflowers to keep you enlightened...please don't forget both warm gear for the run and warm gear to change into after the run!!!

We will have some hot coffee at the start and some "snacky food" for after the race and lots of cool prizes/ give-a-ways too :)

I guarantee all runners that come out will have an adventure!!!!...See you all out there!

A little fresh snow 5 days ago looking down on the run route from high up on the glacier

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Kokannee Glacier Run

The Kokannee Glacier Run is fast approaching, on Sunday September 12th, see Randy's post below. Please note the mandatory gear req'd for the race. Keep in mind that weather conditions can change very quickly so be responsible and be prepared for bad weather. Randy writes a great description of the course in his post and we can answer questions on race morning.
I ran the course the other day in about 3 hours of running time, I run these days a 6 minute km or a 9.5 minute mile. I took one bottle and refilled it from the streams. I don't think trekking poles are required, the trail is in good shape, I wore trail shoes (pick them up at Snowpack)
It would be great if we could all car pool to the start at Gibson's Lake as parking is limited. Cash or cheque for your donation.
Virgina will make some scones and goodies for the finish as well as oranges and banana's. Bring something warm to wear while we wait for the awards and later finishers.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Svoboda Road Trail Run

The online entry for the Svaboda Road trail run is up and running "click here". The course will be the same as last year roughly 12km's in length. Paper entries can be picked up at Gericks on Baker street in Nelson. Completed entries can be dropped off one hour before the race start. Please note that the Kokannee Glacier Run is by donation only but you will need to sign a waiver on race morning.

click on image to enlarge

"The woods are lovely dark and deep, but I have promises to keep, and miles to go before I sleep, and miles to go before I sleep." - Robert Frost

"There are as many reasons for running as there are days in the year, years in my life. But mostly I run because I am an animal and a child, an artist and a saint. So, too, are you. Find your own play, your own self-renewing compulsion, and you will become the person you are meant to be." - George Sheehan

Monday, August 16, 2010

Kokanee Glacier Mountain Run Info.

The following should be all the information you'll require for the Kokanee Glacier Mountain Run:

Race start: Sunday September 12, 2010 at 10am sharp from the Gibson Lake Parking Lot in Kokanee Glacier Provincial Park (please allow a 35minute drive up the park dirt road).

Registration: Registration while open at 9am in the Gibson Lake parking Lot- the start of the race

Directions: 20km N.E. of Nelson on HWY 3A. Just past Kokanee Creek Park (500m) turn left and drive 16km up Kokanee Glacier Rd. (At 2 1/2 km stay left- should be a small sign too) The road is okay for most vehicles, although it is a little rough in a few sections- leave your Porsche at home! It is very advisable to car pool up this road- there is an area to park at the bottom.

Course: 18.6km out and back route with 100% of the run on trails with 2500' of elevation gain/loss. There are world class sections of absolutely beautiful alpine terrain- rolling up and down through meadows and sub alpine forests. For most runners 95% of the trail is runable, with only a few short sections you'd probably elect to walk. See July 26th post below for some photos. Plan on a finishing time of just under 2 hours for the winners and 3 hours for the back of the pack. There will be a cut off time to get to the 9.3km turn around at the Slocan Chief Cabin of 1:45.

Mandatory Equipment: This is a high mountain race so a long sleeve rain jacket/shell is required. There will be no aid stations along the route so plan to bring any food/water you'll need for the entire race with you. There are numerous fresh creeks for water on the route. I personally drink from them all, but if you do not like doing that, bring a water purification system of your choosing. Please bring a small first aid kit with band aids, tape for blisters and disinfectant cleaning swabs.

Route Description: An 18.6 km out and back course from Gibson Lake to the Slocan Chief Cabin. The first 3.8km of the race is the main grunt gaining over 1300' as you rise up above Gibson Lake. The rest of the course is rolling ups and downs- passing Kokanee Lake, Garland Lake and Kaslo Lake. At Kaslo lake is the only junction in the route. There is a huge parks sign that shows you the right turn to the Slocan Chief Cabin. (Note: You are not going to the kokanee Cabin on Kaslo Lake, although you come to within a few 100 metres of it, but bi passing it to go on to the Slocan Chief Cabin)

Cost: The race is by donation only. That said; 100% of the donations for this race will go towards local trail building for a new run/bike singletrack in the Nelson area. All costs for the race have been born by local business such as Spearhead, Snowpack & Gerick Cycle. You've all done races before, so you know what they cost. So for those that can donate more- GREAT and for those that don't have much- such as starving students- that's GREAT too.

If you require any other info please feel free to contact me by e-mail-

Thursday, August 12, 2010

2010 Races

This year we have deleted the Pulpit Rock Challenge from our calendar and replaced it with the Kokanne Glacier Mountain Run on September 12th. This race is by donation only with all proceeds going to local trail improvements. See Randy's post below for a description of the route. I will try to run it this weekend with my GPS for more accurate specifications.
The Svaboda Rd Trail Run will be on October 17, the same course as last year except for an addition 3 km's at the top. The route incorporates Logjam, Frogjam and Squealer. All proceed from this race go to Habitat for Humanity.
Last year we raised $1,500.00 for the CT Scanner at KLH. Our costs for the two races was $200.00. A special thanks to Snowpack, Gericks and Hellmans Canoe and Kayaks.

I have a friend - Steve "Burner' Turner who lives in Victoria and volunteers time and energy for the Kidsport program there. If you plan on running the Royal Victoria Marathon please consider joining the Kidsport pledge program. Steve guarantees a PR if you do. Pledge Information

Monday, July 26, 2010

Slocan Chief- Kokanee Glacier Park Run

Ahhh...finally the alpine opens up after a long awaited spring thaw. Just when I couldn't face running the same old trails in the valley floor, all the areas dreamy runs have opened up- and not a minute too soon, as the valley floors are just too hot to feel motivated for trail running these days.

Myself and Gerry Moore headed off on the 18.6km round trip run from Gibson Lake to the Slocan Chief Cabin. It is by far a classic in the local mountain running scene (well at least for me it is since the access road is right behind my office). Sure the first 30 minutes are a bit of a puker as you gain 1500' in 3km, but as seen in the photo above, the trail is quite runnable. That said; it must of been the elevation that made my heart feel like exploding and legs as heavy as lead- at least that's my excuse!

Surrounded by 9,000' peaks, most of the run traverses between 6,000-6,600 feet. Still a few snowy patches, but for the most part, summer had finally sprung up here. The aroma in the air, the flowers, the ground all smelt like a field of dreams.

The red liken spreads itself over the remaining snow fields as we approach Kokanee Lake

Once you've gained the alpine and your heart rate mellows, your state of mind goes from survival mode to "running bliss" as the trail quickly settles into a heaven-like meandering of streams, lakes and high alpine grassy fields.

The top of Kokanee Glacier is just barely visible at the top of the ridge line behind the tall skinny tree. This section of the trail is between Slocan Chief and Kokanee Cabins.

All in all a perfect Sunday Morning run in the mountains. With only 2,500' of elevation gain spread out over the 18.6km run, it is a wonderful run for all trail runners. Expect a 2:30-3:30 hour run time with lots of fresh water along the route.

Any other inquiries- let me know....happy trails...Randy Richmond

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Kaslo Sufferfest

Here's a friend of ours Janis Lampimaki in Kaslo putting on some races in early October. Definitely putting it in our calendar!