Sunday, June 17, 2012

Wildhorse Pass

We had an awesome run over the Wildhorse Pass to Ymir today. Carolyn Donnelly and myself left Mt. Station early this morning and ran the Stanley Loop out to the Nordic trails. It was a torrential downpour for the first hour, but as you can see from the photo below, the skies opened up so we were blessed with warm sunshine as we ran through the nordic trails. We were greeted by a momma Griz- standing up tall on two legs to have a better look at what was making all the noise as we approached it from 100 metres away. It happily scampered away with it's two cute cubs following behind.
We then met up with David, Sara and Kelly at the Clearwater trail head to start the climb over Wildhorse pass.
Everyone ran great as we topped out to begin our descent into the Wildhorse Valley and down into Ymir. We only had a little snow to deal with, but I warned everyone not to worry about dry feet, as we crossed numerous creeks.
It rained on us hard at times for the descent, but we were all having so much fun, I don't think anyone noticed.
From Nelson it was approx 38km and took just over 4 hours at a fun pace. From the nordic centre group it was approx 25km and around 2hrs50min.
I think it was Kelly's first 25km run and she was a star, easily staying with the group. So don't be afraid to join us for the next group run, probably in 3-4 weeks...I'll keep you posted.

                       Carolyn coming through the nordic trail just before we saw the grizzly
                                                            At the top of the Pass
                                                    Awe- nothing like a little adventure

                                                           Dry and happy in Ymir

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