Monday, June 11, 2012

Wild Horse Pass Run

Next weekend we are going to run the Wildhorse Pass from Nelson to Ymir. If you want to run from Mt. Station in Nelson it is approx 37km or you can start at the bottom of the Clearwater nordic trail which cuts it down to 25km. From Nelson we will hit the Stanley Loop/Cottonwood trail out to the nordic trails. Then cross the Hwy and up the forestry roads for the long climb to Wildhorse Pass. The descent from the pass down into the Wildhorse Valley is all single/double track with a few creek crossings, which might be waist high, so you will get wet! Once you hit the Wildhorse Valley it is a gravel road down into Ymir. We usually hook up with a driver or two at the Ymir Pub for Lunch and well deserved beers. We can usually arrange to have the driver bring your dry clothes too. I am not sure until Tues/Wed if we will run on the Saturday or Sunday. If you are interested- drop me an e-mail...

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