Friday, January 13, 2012

Pilot Bay Trail Running Race May 6, 2012

Hopefully we will have a "normal" spring this year where our trails open up in mid-april and therefore can hold a spring trail running race. We tried last year, but spring came sometime around July!

The spring race is confirmed for May 6th. The race will be held at Pilot Bay Provincial Park in Crawford Bay, just across the Kootenay lake ferry.

There will be an approx. 10km and 22km race route. I ran the trails last year and they are amazing with lots of ups and downs and gorgeous views of the lake- you will be entertained! Both courses are ALL singletrack and very runnable. It's a great day to bring along the family too as there are wonderful trails along the lake to go for a small hike or picnic to keep busy.

If anyone is planning to get in shape for the awesome Kaslo Sufferfest in the fall this is the opportunity to get going!

All proceeds for this race will go to the Tipi Camp a non profit society who's mission statement says it all:

"The objective of the Guiding Hands Recreation Society is to educate people about the value of nature and outdoor recreation to teach individual responsibility for conservation, ecological awareness and sustainability"

I will post all the information you'll need by Mid April, but keep the date booked in your running plans as that wont change!....

If anyone has any questions, please fire me off an e-mail at

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