Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Whitewater Run

As much as I am enjoying running again in the winter, it certainly takes some sort of early goal to make you want to run the roads, especially for a trail runner! That said; all my friends where headed out ski touring on this magnificent Kootenay day and I was relegated to getting in a long run before I headed down to Nicaragua for a 50km race next week. I can't say there is a long line up of people wanting to run from town up to whitewater and back down, so it was just Carolyn Donnelly and myself to enjoy an early season 30+km grunt of a run. As it turns out, we both felt great and enjoyed the early season trot...
Although the cold did set in after a few hours, I know I will be shortly thinking how much better I feel in this weather than I will be next week running through the 34degree sweaty jungle!
The long 20km climb from Nelson to WH2O gave me time to reflect and get excited about the Pilot Point spring race May 6th that I hope a bunch of you will get out to...such a cool course!

There is also a fun adventure run Bill and I are thinking of planning for August. It is the Rockwall Trail in Kootenay National Park. It is an amazing 55km loop with a 35km and 45km shortened option. It'd be fun to get 2-3 groups to cover all levels of ability and head out there for the weekend. If anyone is interested, let me know.

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