Monday, October 3, 2011

Kaslo Sufferfest

The 2nd annual Sufferfest went off this past weekend, bringing in some 300 racers to participate in the biking and running events. Janis, the event coordinator, as well as the whole town of kaslo, did an amazing job of putting on this fun filled festival weekend.
Originally the 5okm trail run was to run through the high alpine and finish in Kaslo and this is what got me excited about checking it out as I love the journey so much more than the race. Although the route was changed to two 25km loops around the Kaslo area, it was quite fun keeping Lex and I entertained for many hours.
We started at 6am in the pitch black in downtown kaslo. It was a perfect 12 degrees out- even a little humid. We started the run with a 5km - 2000' steep climb out of Kaslo before leveling off onto some wonderful rolling singletrack which traversed Mt Buchanan. Before we new it we rolled through the first 25km loop in 2:35 feeling really fresh. At km 35 we definitely started to feel like our legs were now heading into virgin territory at this distance so things started to slow down for sure. By km 45, although we liked descending, the steep downhills were tough on the legs at this point. We did keep up a nice steady pace till the finish, but not with the same pep as we did on the first loop. I think next year we will be ready to handle a 50km race with much more smoothness all the way to the finish line! In the end we were both really happy with our time of 5:40 as my goal was for a sub 6hr day. Other than dealing with some leg cramping I felt great at the finish...Lex, the rock star, didn't seam to have any issues at all.
Being only my second year of running, It was great to accomplish my year end goal of a 50km trail running race. That said; I'm not really looking to race much beyond that (famous last words) but I am really excited about finding more exploratory mountain runs in that 50-80km range for fun next year as I know I am surrounded by so many of them here in the Kootenays and Rockies.
Bill finished 3rd in his age group in the men's 10km
Lex and I at the finish of the 50km race

Lex in the 50km -60+ wins again!

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