Friday, September 16, 2011

Smallwood Results

Thanks to everyone for coming out and having a blast on the Smallwood Trails and helping to raise over $800 for Habondia's Lending Society.

It was a perfect sunny Kootenay fall day. Everyone not only finished, but all the times were fast too!

Hope to see you all at the Sufferfest in a few weeks.....

See below for the results

12km RaceMens:

Shawn Degroot 1:10:33

Peter locke 1:17:00

Graeme Marshall 1:17:20

Kelly Robertson 1:28:04

Stanley Soukeroff 1:29:39

Sem Marsland 1:39:00

Rob Marsland 1:58:54

12km womens

Jill Winters 1:38:29

Kim Irving 1:47:15

Sarah Dobell 1:50:42

Theresa Southam 1:58:34

Shandi Millar 2:01:52

Kari Kroker 2:06:15

Angie McTague 2:06:27

Irene Brinkman 2:18:45

25km Mens

Nelson Rocha 2:39:00

Sacha Kalebas 2:46:01

Lex Baas 3:03:38

Gerry Moore 3:03:53

Greg Smith 3:17:14


Carolyn Donnelly 3:06:25

Sara Sheehan 3:07:08

Genevieve LaChance 3:12:58

Janis Neufeld 3:19:34

Liz Edwards 3:25:05

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