Monday, September 10, 2012

Svoboda Trail Race Results / Report

We had an amazing September morning for our fall trail running race. It was great to see a lot of familiar faces out to enjoy some of the local trails, especially the new awesome section of trail which will make a great added addition to the running loops in the Svoboda Rd area. The course was challenging with 2'000 of climbing over the 13km loop, but everyone seamed to love it. It was great to see some high school kids kicking but out there too, especially Linnea Sharelove who is only 14 yrs old! Thanks to all who came out and helped support the trail builders, as we'd be relinquished to running roads if it wasn't for their hard work. Hope to see some of you at the Kaslo Suffer Fest in 3 weeks!
Thanks again to Lisa and Bill for helping out and to Gericks and Snowpack for the great prizes.


Scott Jolly         1:23:58
Cail Spencer      1:26:56
Levi Smith        1:27:34
Jon Fancis         1:28:30
Sandy Boyd      1:29:45
Sasha Kabalis    1:30:19
Leanne Douglas 1:30:40

349 ?                   1:31:04
Scott Spencer     1:34:17
Jaime Frederick 1:34:44
Richard Klein     1:41:35
Nicola Everton   1:41:35
Greg Smith         1:46:00
Chris Stoich        1:46:20
Andy Daley        1:50:53
Graeme Marshall 1:50:53
Laurie Holton      1:52:51
Yogita Bouchard 1:53:00
Linnea Sharelove 2:05:22

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