Saturday, July 28, 2012

Kokanee Glacier Traverse

The Group run through Kokanee went off without a hitch. Eight of us left the Enterprise Creek Drainage on the Slocan Lake side of Kokanee Glacier Park at 6:45am this morning and five others left the Gibson Lake parking lot on the east side of the park at 8am. We crisscrossed through the park to avoid any car dropping. All eight runners with me were so solid we happily stayed in tight formation cruising through the whole traverse in 3:59:54 hrs...Yes I know, I actually was looking at my watch at about 3:30hrs into the run and thought- Hmmm- we might be able to break 4 hrs if we keep moving briskly...the competitive side still reaps it's head from time to time! That said; we all felt great right to the end. Although the logistics of putting together this run with so many people was a little arduous at times, it was so worth it in so many ways...It really is awesome to share such amazing terrain with a group of such inspired runners.
Thanks Bill!!! for taking the east to west runners. Bill hasn't run at all and is suffering from 2 months of bronchitis or some mystery chest infection,but still happily grunted through the whole run...

Making Steady Pace up Enterprise Creek

Can't believe nobody actually fell in!

Just ascending out of the Enterprise valley above Tanal Lake

Tim on the last grunt almost at the pass

The West to East Group at the Col with Kokanee Glacier in the back

Both groups as we met up at Kokanee Cabin

Our Kootenay Version of the Beatles Abby Road album cover!
Andrew cruising by Kaslo Lake

Few snow patches left on the way to Kokanee Lake

Carolyn and Lex along a half frozen Kokanee Lake

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Tim Sander said...

The hardest part was trying to dive into the cold waters of Gibson lake at the end. I failed.