Monday, June 13, 2011

Silverking Loop

It's nice to be able to just run out the door and not have to venture off all the time.
After too many weeks of hills, I mish-mashed together as mellow of a 21km run as i could think of- the Silverking/Stanley trails, with a few hidden gems thrown in.
Although i do have some lofty goals for latter in the summer once the alpine clears out, it's nice to tapper the "Big Sunday" runs once and a while so I'm not hobbling Monday at work!
As usual, we had sun and rain (the hail waited for me to get home this time) all in the same day. One good thing with this weather is the incredible lushness and smells out on the trails. The above photo is a wonderful section of ferns- Liz thought she was back in the North shore of Van.

I love this mossy section of the trail approaching Cottonwood Lake.

Town to town this 21km loop only has 2,200' of gain/loss so makes for a great introductory trail run. It also helps those of us- such as myself who've succumed to smashing there toes on roots or rock and have to lay off those steep descents for a few weeks.

I thought getting away from Mt. Bike racing would alleviate those nasty falls, but i think i take more abuse trail running!

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