Thursday, May 26, 2011

Kuskanax Trail Run- Nukusp, BC

After hobbling through the past week recovering from our 30km run through Kokanee Park bike trails (we ran Nutsack and Hitman loops), Lex and I decided to ease it up a bit with a beautiful trail run in Nakusp, BC. The trail is a great way for anyone to get into mountain running as it is an out and back for a total of 21km, or can be done as a 10.5km- one way. Either direction is fun, but is obviously a "rolling up" out of Nakusp and a "rolling down" from the Hot Spring road access.

I figure it could be a good excuse to get the family out too as they can drop you off at the beginning of the trail and continue on to the Hot Springs, while you run up to meet them...every one's happy then :)

There's 3,000' of climbing/descending on the 21km loop, but it really didn't feel that bad as they came in lots of little bursts.

We are trying to get out to other fun trails at least once a month to help us prepare for the 61km Earl Grey Pass Trail in August.

We are planning to run the Fry Creek Trail in a few weeks (June 5th or 12th), so if anyone is interested, let me know. It is an out and back, so you can run as far a s you feel like!....Randy

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