Friday, May 27, 2011

Trail Races for 2011

Yes we have been a little slow out of the gate putting together a few trail running races this year- mainly because it is still snowing out there F#*K!!
We still plan on making two happen though- just later than we hoped for because of the trail conditions.

Our first race will be the 14km Svoboda trails, complete with a whole new single track section that should be completed in the next month. I was hoping for a June race, but looks like July.

The second race will be a "warm up" for those of you considering the 50km Kaslo Sufferfest- which I hope lots of you do, as it will be a fabulous course and a really fun event. The race will be in the Smallwood trails and will be an 11km or 22km loop. Again, the last section of this trail needs to be completed and is still currently under snow. The 22km loop (not sure of the exact distance until the trail is complete) will be a fabulous route- with only a few kilometres of logging road, some ridge top running with views of the Valhalla's and lots of cool forested trails I am really excited to run this course. Tentative date is the beginning of September- four weeks prior to the 50km Sufferfest race which makes it a perfect training run.

If you have any questions or are interested in the Fry Creek trail run June 5th you can e-mail @

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