Monday, October 26, 2009

It's always fun thinking up new adventures, especially when they are right before your eyes, but you never really put it together until that light bub goes off in your brain one day.
The Evans trail is an old access hiking trail to Valhalla Park that runs north from Slocan City up the west shore of Slocan lake. It is a 10km out and back trail that is too surreal to appreciate unless you go yourself and check it out. I was planning this run for Friday, since I always like being in the mountains for my birthday, but the torrential rain that day gave me enough of an excuse to postpone it a day.

It started off with 5 of us wanting to do the run, but in true Kootenay fashion, it ended up only two, myself and Liz Edwards (Oh and our two faithful dogs). Although I have hiked, bushwhacked and slogged through the mountains in adventure races for countless hours even days without stopping, I really hadn't ran for longer than an hour and a half before so I knew it was going to hurt a little.

The photo above shows the view looking back from the turn around. We followed the shoreline on the right all the way down as far as you can see to the end of the lake.

The trail meandered in and out of mossy dark green forests to open meadows overlooking the lake

Needless to say, the scenery was incredible, with fresh snow blanketing the mountains.
Knowing that it is only days away from full on winter and ski touring, I enjoyed the last days of warmth and sunshine.

The trail was not strenuous in an aerobic sense, but definitely required fancy footwork as you needed to focus at all times hopping over logs, rocks and slimy roots.

It was a great day- not knowing who had the bigger smile myself or Nemo...
All in all it took 2:45 for the run. It hurt more from smiling every minute of that run than it did on my was way too much fun!

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