Monday, May 7, 2012

Pilot Bay Trail Race Wrap up

 Thank you to everyone who came out for the Pilot Bay Trail Race. It was an amazing day as we had some warm sunshine, great trails and lots of big smiles. I really didn't know that the 10km route was  more like 12km until I ran and flagged it the day before the race- Really :)...
I'm glad you all rose to the occasion and challenge as everyone completed both the 12km and 22km  race routes- with big smiles too!
A big thanks to Sandra and Taz from the Tipi Camp who put in a lot of time to help make this race possible and to Liz and Janis who saved me from doing the registration.
The Tipi Camp is considering using this spring race as an annual, so let me know your feed back- both good and bad.
The best surprise was 33 out of 50 runners were female!!! It's great to see the girls out on the trail and rockin' it too!
We'll have a early fall race in Nelson to help those get ready for the awesome Kaslo Sufferfest the end of September as well as some organized fun run days this summer, so check back on this site in the "Up Coming Event" section.
I'll have the results posted Wednesday.
Scott Joly- Winner of the 22km race

Post Race burgers and drinks

Marianne with her faithful companion

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