Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Kokanee Glacier Park

I didn't think I'd have to wait until August 9th to finally get a run in up at Kokanee Glacier, but the snow has finally melted and it is as beautiful as ever up there. Although the road up there kind of sucks as it seams to deteriorate more and more every year, it is still worth the trip as you never get tired of the terrain and scenery. My legs only had one slow speed in them as the trip to Slocan Chief Cabin and back took 2:30. I was definitely still tired from the Earl Grey Pass. It was great to just take in all the "grandiose" of it all and even stop to talk to the many hikers on the way up.

The nicest part of this run is that I can get a great 2 1/2 hour high alpine run in, swim in a beautiful lake at the end and still slip into work before 10am!

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